Years of Mind Training and living a great life.

My journey started by taking a class, in 1970, with the intention of using a bit more of my brain. It turned out to be an outstanding rapid personal growth opportunity. I was selected in my class to do the first remote viewing experiment and it was fantastic. I then was selected, with my wife to become a graduate workshop coordinator and leader. I took it seriously and soon decided to become an instructor. This lead to my creating a seminar series called Mind Unlimited, that I taught for 30 years. I not only made a nice living, but I was able to apply it to parenting, having a successful marriage, coaching athletic teams, designing and running a Peak Performance hockey class in high school and in college to assist my boy’s teams. The stories of success are numerous and maybe a book should be written about them. We each could do better, if we would only take the time to use the talents of a genius, visualization and imagination to direct the most powerful tool you have, your mind.

I would like to hear your story of how you transformed your life or solved a problem or two with the application of mind power and creative thinking.